About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Mount Kenya Climbing Tours is an independent travel company which was started in 2005. It is now a well established company with an emphasis on responsible travel and a high level of knowledge and experience.

Our staff have been with the company for many years and we invest heavily in training and equipment for our offices, which have been set up in the in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda where we operate. The personal service begins with the first enquiry and extends through the whole trip. The feedback we get always mentions the professionalism and friendliness of our staff. We use our locally based guides and porters who have a wealth of experience on East African Mountains all get regular training for first aid and mountain safety.

Our safety record is exemplary and we are independently assessed every. We are fully bonded to provide top level financial protection for our clients and we have all the correct insurances in place to run a proper travel company.

We believe in responsible travel and running a 'good business'. Our model is aimed towards local ownership of suppliers, equitable salaries, and making sure that our brand translates into real benefits for people and the communities where we visit. Ultimately we want our holidays to provide some social, economic or environmental value as well as a financial return.

A lot of our investments operate as social enterprises, for which we think tourism is particularly well suited. We aim to provide value for money to our clients, but we think that people will judge our holidays for more than that. We want to take people to places, but we also need to be responsible stewards of the holiday.

We place very high standards on our staff and we believe this is reflected in the consistently positive feedback we have had over the past several decades from clients who have used Mount Kenya Climbing Tours to achieve their dreams of climbing to the tops of mountains and travelling widely to see some wonderful places and meet some wonderful people. It is very much our privilege to share those dreams and see them come true.