3Days MtKenya Climbing Naromoru - 3 Days


3Days MtKenya Climbing Naromoru. For those with a minimum amount of time to ascend to point lenana.

Itinerary at a Glance

Designed for those who have a minimum amount of time and who want to reach the third highest peak Pt. Lenana. This challenging, non technical ascent can be made by any healthy person.

A breathtaking 3-day hike up Mount Kenya

Naro Moru Route – Climbing Mount Kenya 2023/24

Naro Moru Route Summary

The most popular route in Mount Kenya National Park although not the most scenic which approaches from the west. Naro Moru route is also the fastest route to the trekking peak at Point Lenana. Take this classic route up Mount Kenya through the notoriously treacherous vertical bog and into the wide Teleki Valley beneath the Tryndall, The Lewis Glacier.Though the summit can be reached in 3 days hiking as per the below itinerary, we strongly recommend an overnight acclimatization at the base, probably at Naro Moru River Lodge. This can be arranged for at an extra fee.This is one of the most popular hiking trail located near Naro Moru Town on the slopes of Mount Kenya. The route offers trekkers with the chance to see wildlife. Trekking the trail is graded as moderately difficult. Climbing on this trail primarily offers opportunity for hiking past vertical bog (muddy bog) and backpacking.

On this route, there is a recently constructed paved road all the way to the Met Station Camp. From the camp, you hike up to the summit at Lenana Peak or just Point Lenana at 4985m – the highest hiking peak without climbing experience. An early morning start scrambling through rocky scree getting to the summit in time to catch sunrise over the African skies.

Hiking approaches from the west of the mountain and descending the same trail. Overnight stops are provided at Met Station Campsite at 3300m and Mackinder Campsite at 4200m.

The views from the immense open sections of this trail are amazing. The vertical bog views are amazing also the Alpine zone. Unique plants and rocky outcrops on the mountain are epic. Witness spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks, scenic valleys and savannah

3Days MtKenya Climbing Naromoru


Naro Moru Route, Mount Kenya Climbing, Naromoru

The most popular route although not the most scenic. It is also the fastest route to point Lenana. Take this classic route up Mount Kenya though the notoriously treacherous vertical bog and into the wide Teleki Valley beneath the Tryndall, The Lewis Glacier.


Day 1
Naromoru / Met Station

Morning spent sorting and organizing personal equipment for the trek. Lunch at the Lodge. (this is an extra charge.) In the afternoon, drive to the road head of the Naro Moru track, to the Met Station where we spend the night in the mountain log cabins, a good day for acclimatization for we will be sleeping at an altitude of 3,050m. A short hike is taken in the afternoon to gain and loose altitude.

Day 2
MaCkinders Camp

Hike up into the Teleki valley where there is a spectacular view of the main peaks. Walking time approximately 4-6 hours. Overnight at Mackinders Camp (4,100m).

Day 3
Ascend to Point Lenana

A pre-dawn start is made to ensure a successful summit bid and in time for a clear view of the majestic summit scenery. After ascending Pt. Lenana we return to our base camp and then proceed down the mountain and back to the lodge.

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3Days MtKenya Climbing Naromoru
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