13-Day Mount Kilimanjaro Climb & Tanzania safari tour 2024

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Mount Kilimanjaro Climb and Tanzania Safari 2024.


Start in Moshi and end in Arusha! With the Explorer tour 13-Days Mount Kilimanjaro climbing and Safari, you have a 13 days tour package taking you through Moshi, Tanzania and 5 other destinations in Tanzania. 13-Days Mount Kilimanjaro climbing and Safari includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing combined with Lake Manyara Ngorongoro Serengeti wildlife Safari Tanzania

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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing & Tanzania safari tour

Mount Kilimanjaro and Safari Tours are now available, allowing you to combine climbing Mount Kilimanjaro through any route with a safari in Tanzania. Due to popular demand, we’ve created a sample Combined itinerary that combines climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s Rooftop) with a 5-day Tanzania safari experience in one trip.

Mount Kilimanjaro and Safari tour: best time to visit.

The best months to visit Tanzania for a combined Mt. Kilimanjaro and safari vacation are January to March and July to September. However, the Mount Kilimanjaro & Safari tour may also be done in June or November through December, when the temperatures are milder and the weather is ideal for people who want to avoid Africa’s blistering heat.
If you want to see the Wildebeest Migration during your Tanzania safari and Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, you should contact one of our Mt Kilimanjaro and Safari specialists, who will happily advise you on the ideal time to visit based on your itinerary and time available.

Combining Mount Kilimanjaro Climb and Tanzania Safari

You must schedule your international flights to arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport and exit from the same airport if you want to conduct a combination Mount Kilimanjaro hike and safari in Tanzania. If you want to combine your Kilimanjaro climb and safari tour with a relaxing beach vacation in Zanzibar, you should book an open jaw ticket that allows you to fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport and out of Zanzibar Airport, where you will be dropped off after your Kilimanjaro, Safari, and Zanzibar tour.

13-Day Mount Kilimanjaro Climb & Tanzania safari tour 2024 – Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing 2024

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb 7 Days Kili Trek Combined 6 Days Tanzanian Safari, Climbing Kilimanjaro & Serengeti Safari

Climb Kilimanjaro Tours, Mt Kilimanjaro Trekking Safari Tanzania- Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and African Safari book combined Kilimanjaro climbing & trekking tour and Tanzania budget safaris. 13 Days Kilimanjaro climbing, Tanzania wildlife safari

This safari is a combination of Mt Kilimanjaro climbing, Tanzania safaris in the best parks and Trek through the Machame trail with tent accommodation all very close to nature and wildlife.

Combine your Mount Kilimanjaro Climb with a Tanzania Wildlife Safari

A wonderful way to relax after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro climb is to enjoy a safari in Tanzania. after conquering the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on Machame route you set out on safari for a once in a life time opportunity to encounter Tanzania’s legendary wildlife.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb combine with Tanzania Safari

The breakfast will be served as from 0630am to 0800am, then you will be picked up from the Hotel as at 0900am after everything is set and organized by our Guide and Senior Cook. The Fresh food and fruits will be packed as its our norm to serve every day with fresh food while in the mountain as well as fresh fruits. After the pick up you will proceed to Machame area which is an agricultural area, you will transverse the Machame Village and then to the  Machame Park Gate, The drive is steep every Km and the road is tarmacked all the way to the Gate and it normally takes 40-50min to get to the Machame Gate. On arrival you will go through the registration with the park authority as the crews weigh the bags and food as the normal weight for each bag should not exceed 20kg for the porters, this process normally takes like at least 45min depending with the number of people. The Kilimanjaro trek the World Heritage Site begins at the end of the tarmac road, walking for about 6 hrs, gradually ascending through the cloud forests of Kilimanjaro, you will be served with lunch at the lunch point which is the half way to the Camp, after lunch proceed on via the giant heather forested hills and then arrive in at Machame Camp (2850 m) at around 1700hrs. Upon arrival you will be welcomed in your tent which will have been mounted up by our crews who had arrived ahead of you to make sure everything runs as per the program, followed will be a cup of hot Coffee or soup as you await the dinner to be served in the Dinning mess Tent. The weather might be cold and guests are advise to keep warm as well as hot water bottle will be provided as you go to sleep to make your feet warm.

This being our second day inside the mountain and your bodies adjusting to the weather the Wake up call will be at 07:00am, you will be provided with hot water in a basin and there after have the breakfast, then trekkers ascend an enjoyable ridge, lunch will be served in one of the lunch point which is about halfway to shira Camp, after lunch traverse along a stream gorge and finally emerge on the Shira plateau volcanic moorland (3840m). Total trekking time for this day is approximately 6 hrs. Dinner and overnight in Shira Camp

This will be a long day, our cook will have offered you with enough water as you will ascend several meters up and this will require taking much water to keep you strong. Trekkers follow the trail to Lava Towers (>4500m), have lunch prior to spending an hour at Lava Towers, and then descend into the scenic Barranco gorge. Continue to Barranco Camp at 3950m. Total trekking time is approximately 6 hrs.

Trekkers cross the Barranco Valley, ascend the well known and fascinating Barranco wall (not technical climbing), then follow the Kibo South Circuit. Descend and ascend again for about 2 additional hours to arrive at Karanga Camp (4000 m) for lunch and overnight. Total trekking time is approximately 5 hrs.

Another half day trek takes you across some splendid volcanic lands, with Kibo Volcano (highest of the Kilimanjaro volcanoes) and its remaining glaciers as the backdrop. Enjoy the final ascent to Barafu Camp (4673 m). Total trekking time between camps is approximately 5 hrs. After lunch and a couple of hours of rest, you begin a short trek up to Kibo Camp for further acclimatization, and then descend for dinner. Sleep until 11:00 p.m. and then begin all night ascent. The summit is attainable since you should be properly acclimatized by now.

Trekkers move “pole pole” (Swahili for “slowly”) to the north-west, with mountain guides at their side, up a defined trail toward Stella Point on the crater rim. Summit day is scheduled to coincide with a waxing moon, which will be nearly full. This 6-hour trek to Stella Point (5756 m) is the most mentally and physically challenging on the route. Temperature is usually -10° Celsius, and winds can make it even more challenging. At Stella Point, the group re-nourishes, enjoys the famous Kilimanjaro sunrise, and then continues for another hour to the true summit of Africa, Uhuru Peak. Photos and celebrations ensue. A slow descent back to Stella Point, followed by a quicker descent on scree slope trails back to Barafu Camp for a well deserved rest and brunch. Break camp and hike down to Lower Mweka Camp by mid-afternoon. This is the day you appreciate your trekking poles and honor your guides and porters – you descend over 2800 meters from Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp. If weather thwarts your summit bid, an extra day has been allowed if the group decides delay is advisable.

This is the last day of the trek. The 3 hr descent to Mweka Gate is very enjoyable, provides good views of yesterday’s accomplishment, and provides excellent photo opportunity of Mount Kilimanjaro’s unique vegetation of the cloud forest. Check-out at Mweka trail head, and then shuttle to a welcoming Arusha Tourist Hotel in Arusha.

You will be picked up from hotel after the breakfast, this will be around 0730am, then proceed to Lake Manyara for a full day game drive in beautiful Manyara National Park. You will be able to See buffalo, giraffe, zebra and many more species, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Great Rift Wall. This is one of the park which inhabits a lot of the flamingos as well as huge elephants, we also have hot springs at the edge of the lake, the whole day will be spent exploring the park which will take you as well as in the hippo pool,on this day you will have your picnic lunch with you to avoid coming back to the hotel for lunch the whole day will be maximized in the game drive. After the whole day game drive leave the park around 1830hrs and proceed to the Hotel. Dinner and overnight at MTO wa mbu camp

Wake up call around 0600am, have your breakfast, there after check out the camp and Set out for the endless open plains and stunning skies of the Serengeti. On this day you will have an opportunity to visit the famous Olduvai Gorge the site Olduvai Gorge – a renowned archeological site famous for some of man’s earliest remains, you will have a lecture at this point as well as your lunch, there after you will have a drive to Serengeti, this normally takes like 4 hours, on arrival proceed to the game drive en route, after the game drive to Seronera Camp around 1830hrs for dinner and overnight.

On this day, you will have the whole day game drive, after the breakfast our driver will have your picnic lunch with you so that you may have enough time to explore the park for the whole day,The Serengeti National park has also been declared a World Heritage Site, and covers over 14700 sq km of prime African wilderness. It actually forms one ecosystem with Kenya’s neighboring Masai Mara Game Reserve, and plays and integral part in the annual wildebeest migration that moves in a circular fashion between itself and the Masai Mara (in Kenya). The terrain is most famously characterized by the endless grassy plains dotted, at times, by millions of head of game – the classical ‘Out of Africa” feel. However certain parts also are covered in the Acacia savanna, dense Mount Kilimanjaro Climb 7 Days wooded hills or rocky outcrops known as koppies, as well as pans and lakes. The abundance of African wildlife is of course what makes it such a sought after safari destination, and includes healthy populations of lion, buffalo, impala, hippo, water buck, elephant, cheetah, leopard and a host of other game species – not mention the more than 400 species of birds. After exploring the Park for the whole day return to the camp around 1830hrs for dinner and overnight in the same Camp

Wake up call at 0600am have just a cup of hot coffee, then proceed for the early morning game drive, this early morning game drive is very important as you will be able to see the morning kill from the big five, this normally takes you until 0930hrs, then return to the Lodge for the main breakfast, After the breakfast check out the Lodge and proceed for the final game drive as you check out the Park and proceed to Ngorongoro Crater, On arrival check in the Ngorongoro Simba Camp, then you can enjoy walking along the rim just in case time allows, this point is sometimes very cold and foggy but the experience of walking along the rim is a life time and memorable, you will also be able to see down the crater from the rim or from your room if you have binoculars which is a necessity to have while on safari. Then the night will be spent on Ngorongoro Simba, dinner served as from 0700hrs-0930hrs. Simba camp

On this day the breakfast will be served as early as 0700hrs. After the breakfast check out the camp early in the morning as at 0730am, we will descend to the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater for a full day explore game drive tour. We take a picnic lunch and this will be served in the crater next to the hippo pool, at this point you will be able to stretch your feet and visit the washrooms. The Ngorongoro Crater is recognized as a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site and forms part of an international biosphere reserve. The crater measures approximately 300 sq km and measures about 19 km across. The floor of the crater is 600 meters below the rim, (which is over 2200 m.a.s.l), and is home to an abundance of wildlife including black rhino, lion, cheetah, buffalo, elephants and a plethora of antelope species. Late in the afternoon we ascend the crater and then proceed to the camp

You will be picked up after early breakfast, the safari starts as early as 0630am, the game drive starts right at the gate where you will be welcomed by the Africa {Jumbo} Elephant. In old day this region, Hemingway often went on big game hunting safaris but now its not the case. Today however, cameras thankfully have replaced the elephant guns and you will be able to interact with the Elephants at a very close range though the driver will keep an eye just in case the male Elephants don't charge on the vehicle. The Tarangire National Park has the highest density of elephants in North Tanzania and you can view these animals all year round in which the herds often can reach an impressive number of 300 animals. Tarangire National park has a Permanent Tarangire River which has water all year round and during the dry season, between July and October, many animals from the surrounding areas come to the river for drinking. If you visit the park during the dry season, you will witness an unforgettable natural wonder as you can observe wonderful creatures such as lions, giraffes, buffaloes, wildebeests and zebras as well as various types of antelopes and gazelles and with a little luck. Tarangire National Park offers the best game drives for the bird watchers during the dry season also a haven for with over 550 different species including the Masai Ostrich -the world largest bird. Mount Kilimanjaro Climb 7 Days Around lunchtime, you will stop at a suitable picnic place before the afternoon is dedicated to more wildlife watching. After exploring the plains of Tarangire you will exit the park and drive back to Arusha

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13-Day Mount Kilimanjaro Climb & Tanzania safari tour 2024